Women’s clothing and the blame game

Janet Sahm | 07 September 2012

Without saying a word, what you wear influences how people respond to your beauty. Perhaps it’s not that bikinis reveal too much, but too little.

Ivy League brain on bikinis

Carolyn Moynihan | 14 August 2012

Is it immodest to wear a bikini? What a neurology study found.

Customize dresses for your body type

Katie Hinderer | 20 July 2011
I figured eShakti would be the same as most other online retailers – short dresses made for someone closer to 5’2” than 5’10”. But the site lets you customize the dress of your choice for a mere $7.50 more.

Why bare all or nothing? Isn’t there a happy medium?

Katie Hinderer | 04 July 2011
But can’t there be a happy medium? Women who are dressed for the occasion but not turning themselves into an object.

Bikinis in a Spanx culture

Katie Hinderer | 16 July 2010
This bikini proliferation in a Spanx culture confuses me.

Where did the slip go?

Katie Hinderer | 08 July 2010
Where did the slip go? You know, that thing your grandmother and mother wear underneath their skirts and dresses? Maybe it's considered too old-fashioned. But really it's an absolute wardrobe must

How to shop for pants

Katie Hinderer | 06 July 2010
I’ve come to the conclusion that there are two types of women in this world. Those who buy clothes that are too big for them and those that buy clothes that are too small. Rarely have I come across someone who buys the right size all the time - especially when it comes to pants.

Clothing size doesn’t matter

Katie Hinderer | 18 June 2010
For women, and less so for men, the size printed on the tag in the clothing item they are wearing or trying on is of utmost important.

Check behind you

Katie Hinderer | 14 June 2010
When dressing, it’s crucial to make sure the whole picture is complete and well put together. This includes even those hard to view spots like the back.

Tight Pant Ban

Katie Hinderer | 29 May 2010
Today news outlets around the world are covering a ban that the Indonesian government has put on women and their attire. Any woman caught wearing pants, a tight skirt or a mini-skirt will be apprehended and given a more appropriate skirt to wear. Authorities in the Aceh province are passing out 20,000 long skirts and have outlawed stores from selling tight pants and skirts.

Posture, please

Katie Hinderer | 24 May 2010
I began to notice more and more that many women, and men, have poor form.

Guys: speak up, go shopping

Katie Hinderer | 10 May 2010
Dads, brothers, close friends or relatives need to take advantage of the situation and speak up when they see a girl close to them dressing or behaving in a way that is not in keeping with their true worth.

The dreaded M-word

Katie Hinderer | 06 May 2010
When I talk to different groups about fashion there is always one word I refrain from using at all costs. The dreaded M-word… Modesty.

Parents need to ask the hard questions

Katie Hinderer | 04 May 2010
Last week’s post about attire and the male versus female mind has drawn a lot of comments. All the discussion got me thinking about where the solution can be found. I was toying with the role parents’ play when Carlos hit the nail on the head; saying girls “need strong fathers to say NO and strong mothers to explain why!!”

When it comes to fashion… girls don’t get it

Katie Hinderer | 30 April 2010
When it comes to how a guy sees a women’s outfit we, of the female sex, are utterly clueless.

Please, no legging behinds

Katie Hinderer | 17 January 2010
Let’s get one thing straight. Leggings are not pants.
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