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Olympics in the social media age

Katie Hinderer | 04 August 2012

While we are all anxiously waiting to see which events our country wins in the days ahead, the summer Olympics are already breaking records and creating buzz – social media buzz, that is.

SM: Chance to connect with people we would have never known

Katie Hinderer | 11 April 2012

In all honesty I would say I have a number of friends thanks to social media. These are friends I have not met. They are people I would not have ever been in touch with if social media didn’t exist.

SM: Easier access to research, documents

Katie Hinderer | 09 April 2012

We don’t have to take the information that someone else is summarizing for us, we can go a search and find the original documents ourselves.

SM: A return to the classics

Katie Hinderer | 06 April 2012

Most people I know wish they had more time to read good literature. With the internet and social media it is even easier to make sure I get in that bit of culture.

SM: Maintaining contact across great distances

Katie Hinderer | 01 April 2012

Usually when I give social media presentations and I ask people to list the positive aspects the first, and often only, good thing people name is the ability to keep in touch over great distances.

SM: Social media is all about two-way communication

Katie Hinderer | 21 March 2012

Traditional media is one-sided. Social media, on the other hand, is two-way communication.

Social media for the good - it’s a decision

Katie Hinderer | 20 March 2012

Each year I give a number of social media presentations. While the audience often varies, the purpose of each talk is the same – Social Media is a powerful tool for the good if we use it.

Shh… I need silence

Katie Hinderer | 11 March 2012

The world needs more silence. Not silence in the face of wrong or injustice – there is too much of that. But silence in order to think – in order to think deeply!

The need to disconnect

Katie Hinderer | 08 March 2012

Social media is all well and good, but what is happening to us as we remain constantly connected?

You want to read news you need to ask for it

Katie Hinderer | 25 January 2012
Every article we click on, every blog we read, every article on a newspaper’s website we choose to view – all of that is sending a message to the publishers, bloggers and writers.

Dying teen’s video inspires millions

Katie Hinderer | 10 January 2012
Last week, a silent video by Ben Breedlove a teenager who died of a rare heart condition went viral. He passed away on Christmas Day, having posted this two-part video days before his heart gave out for the last time.

How many hours do you spent on Facebook per month? 8?!

Katie Hinderer | 03 October 2011
163.2 million people in the US visited Facebook in August and they spent nearly 8 hours per month on the site.

Avoiding social media overload

Katie Hinderer | 18 July 2011
To a new social media adopter the thought of opening a Facebook and LinkedIn profile is overwhelming. To those a little more versed the task is not as daunting but it is still time consuming.

Google+ launches amid hype and comparisons

Katie Hinderer | 02 July 2011
Google+ is the latest social media attempt by Google, with hopes that it will reign in Facebook’s monopoly on social networking.

$4,000 gives a teenager overnight success despite mediocrity

Katie Hinderer | 25 May 2011
The thing that amazes me about this song and accompanying video is the fact that it is so popular because it is so horrible.

Authors forget traditional publishing for independence

Katie Hinderer | 15 May 2011
Independent authors around the world have found success by publishing eBooks on sites like Amazon and Barnes and Nobel. The process is surprisingly simple and it’s free. You upload your book, create a cover design, set the sale price and then publish.

Social media in the classroom

Katie Hinderer | 06 April 2011
how to bring social media into the high school classroom, a few ideas.

Contributing to Charlie Sheen’s success

Katie Hinderer | 01 April 2011
what I don’t get is why we are feeding into Charlie Sheen's insanity, telling him through our little actions that it is ok for him to continue acting like this.

Social Media Excels in a Tragedy

Katie Hinderer | 18 March 2011
This might sound odd, but one of the moments I am proud to be so involved in social media is when a world tragedy strikes. Catastrophes like the earthquake and following tsunami in Japan, have a way of bringing out the true human in everyone.

Stop and think before you post that status update

Katie Hinderer | 16 March 2011
One of the things I always stress is to pause before posting a new status on Facebook or sending a Twitter message and ask yourself two questions – what is the real message I am sending with these words and am I ok with this being part of my permanent record?

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