Vice President Kamala Harris tours an abortion mill

While the media was busy taking Trump out of context to claim he called for a violent “bloodbath” if he loses November’s election, Vice President Kamala Harris was on the campaign trail giving aid and comfort to the for-profit peddlers of a literal bloodbath.

Last Thursday, President Biden’s wingwoman toured a Planned Parenthood clinic in St Paul, Minnesota — a visit the BBC boasted was a first for any US president or vice president.

Her tour came less than a week after Joe Biden verballed his opponents during a fiery State of the Union address.

“Many of you in this chamber and my predecessor are promising to pass a national ban on reproductive freedom,” he charged. “My God, what freedoms will you take away next?”

Alas, the president doth protest too much. Despite the historic overturning of Roe v. Wade in 2022, just shy of one million unborn American babies were aborted last year. And it’s a number the Biden-Harris outfit evidently hopes to see increase.

Ms Harris has vowed to make abortion “rights” a defining issue of this year’s election. She undertook the abortion mill tour as part of her euphemistically-named ‘Fight for Reproductive Rights’ campaign, launched in December.

Minnesota, her state stopover of choice, has some of the most liberal abortion laws in the US — including no ban or limit on abortion regardless of how far along a pregnancy is and no requirement of parental involvement for girls younger than 18 years of age.

“Right now, in our country, we are facing a very serious health crisis,” she said during her speech at the premises, appropriately located in an industrial area. “And the crisis is affecting many, many people in our country, most of whom are, frankly, silently suffering.”

The truth is, of course, quite the opposite. The real health crisis is abortion, which by design ends the life of a silently suffering human being in 100 percent of successful cases.

“In states around our country, extremists have proposed and passed laws that have denied women access to reproductive healthcare,” she continued.

Only in upside-down land can those seeking to save lives be painted as “extremists”, and industrialised death be called “healthcare” — yet this is the world Ms Harris inhabits.

“Please do understand that when we talk about a clinic such as this, it is absolutely about healthcare and reproductive healthcare,” she added.

What was that Goebbels line about repeating a lie until people believe it?

The Veep then listed some of the “essential” services provided by Planned Parenthood, including breast cancer screenings, contraception, and, in her words, “abortion care”. Ever notice how adding the suffix “care” mystically alleviates the moral nightmare of the whole enterprise?

In closing, Ms Harris remarked that “attacks against an individuals right to make decisions about their own body are outrageous and, in many instances, just plain old immoral”.

Never mind that the decisions being made concern the body of another — a tiny, precious, little life with its own unique DNA, brainwaves, heartbeat, sensory inputs and developmental pathway.

Even so, to the Vice Prez, ending that fragile, helpless life is an “individual’s right”, while placing any limits on the killings is “just plain old immoral”.



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One might have hoped that by 2024, the world’s most powerful administration would have come up with an argument or two for abortion, rather than relying on euphemisms, denials of scientific fact, smears, accusations and outright inversions of the truth.

The fact that Ms Harris had no such argument on offer during her illustrious abortion mill tour strongly suggests that none exist.

Along with the very best abortion apologists, Ms Harris wins the debate by simply averting her gaze from the undeniable: every foetus is a human being, and every abortion destroys a human life.

Applause is easy to garner by singing the praises of abortion in a Planned Parenthood facility.

As for convincing voters that it’s a winning issue? That’s another question entirely. In a recent Pew poll, abortion featured precisely nowhere when Americans were asked about their top policy priorities for 2024.

And I guarantee the unborn aren’t impressed by it either.  

After reading Ben Terangi's critique, what do Kamala Harris and the Biden Administration stand for? Tell us in the comments below. 

Kurt Mahlburg is a writer and author, and an emerging Australian voice on culture and the Christian faith. He has a passion for both the philosophical and the personal, drawing on his background as a graduate architect, a primary school teacher, a missionary, and a young adult pastor.

Image: screenshot / FOX 9 Minneapolis-St. Paul  


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  • mrscracker
    Mr. Peter, Pres. Trump has talked about a federal limit on feticides after 16 weeks. That does not infer he supports killing unborn children below that limit. Any cap on the destruction of innocent human life is a good thing. It’s not perfection but it’s progress. We need to be reminded how the perfect can become the enemy of the good. A step in the right direction’s better than no step at all.
    What does the Biden administration support if not virtual infanticide? And actual infanticide for disabled newborns is probably on the back burner should Mr. Biden be reelected.
    In the US state I reside in there is absolutely no legally enshrined feticide being committed. After the overturn of Roe every single clinic in our state that had committed feticides was shuttered. That could never have happened without Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominations. Every time our state attempted to enforce a prolife law it was overturned by a federal appeals court citing Roe.
  • Jürgen Siemer
    commented 2024-03-19 17:35:18 +1100
    When Moses led Israel to the land promised by God to Abraham and his descendants, that land had already people living there, various kanaanite tribes.

    Conquering a land looks like an unjust act, but God cannot be unjust.

    Moses solved this dilemma by explaining that the act of conquering was justified by the sins of the Kanaanites, that God wanted to punish these bad people.

    The Kanaanites were known for killing their babies even post-birth, and even worth, by killing them during a religious act, as a sacrifice to God. So: They murdered and publically insulted God in one act.

    We in the West and especially in the US, our leading country founded by pilgrims and now governed by Kanaanites, should stop for a minute and ask ourselves: Do we want to be the next Kanaan?
  • Peter
    commented 2024-03-19 17:20:52 +1100
    It’s a shame that Ben Terangi opened this essay with a reference to Trump. Maybe Ben is not aware that D. Trump has publicly endorsed abortion rights up to 16 weeks, although D Trump will adjust this figure depending on election advantage – nothing to do with the rights of the unborn!
    Politicising abortion is dangerous.
  • Peter Faehrmann
    commented 2024-03-19 17:15:51 +1100
    Denying anyone radical personal autonomy is just “plain old immoral”.
  • Kurt Mahlburg
    published this page in The Latest 2024-03-19 14:44:05 +1100