A closer look at that stem cell order

….and the reporting on it. It’s all so Orwellian.

This Reuters article is just one random example of the general tenor or news coverage on
President Obama’s executive order yesterday to expand embryo
destructive research for unsuccessful stem cell applications. But they
didn’t put it quite that way…

President Barack Obama lifted restrictions on federal
funding of human embryonic stem cell research on Monday, angering
abortion opponents but cheering those who believe the study could
produce treatments for many diseases.

Pause and look at the language here. This is how the media form
public opinion, which Walter Lippman wrote about so incisively in his
compelling book Public Opinion. Obama “lifted restrictions”,
which of course sounds freeing, doesn’t it? And “angering abortion
opponents” immediately calls to mind the negative image of angry people who oppose instead of support something, never mind that something is abortion
which ends human life. Furthermore, we have the positive mental image
of “cheering” people who believe “the study could produce treatments
for many diseases”. Sounds hopeful, right? Intentionally.

That’s a generalization the press and politicians keep using to sway
thought and policy. The “study” means the production of human life in
early embryonic form in order to harvest cells and end that human life
to work on all sorts of ways to treat diseases, none of which have yet
yielded any success, which of couse isn’t mentioned.

Back to the story…

“We will lift the ban on federal funding for promising
embryonic stem cell research,” Obama said to vigorous applause at a
White House gathering.

“We will also vigorously support scientists who pursue this
research. And we will aim for America to lead the world in the
discoveries it one day may yield.”

That’s all rather lofty, multiple uses of the cheery word
“vigorous”, the “promising” research, the goal of pioneering the way
into the brave new world…so to speak…

What happened next explains a lot.

Shares of companies specializing in stem cell research
burst upward on the news, with Geron Corp up by as much as much as 35
percent and StemCells Inc up 73 percent at one point. Other related
company shares rose, too.

The bio-tech industry has a huge stake in this specific research, and profiteers stand to make a ton of money.

Of course this is important to get in there, as all the news stories did…

The decision was a clear repudiation of the approach
taken by Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush. U.S. law limits the use
of federal money to make human stem cells,

(they finally slipped and admitted this is dealing with making humans to get their stem cells)

but Bush tightened the restrictions even further to include work using such cells.

Why? Here’s how you’re hearing it reported:

Bush’s decision prompted charges that he was basing his
decision on politics and religion rather than science. Religious
conservatives who supported Bush generally opposed embryonic stem cell
research because it involves destruction of embryos, which they view as
human life.

Which they view as human life?

Obama rejected that view.

It’s not a view. And his rejection of the facts of life is
absolutely chilling, given that it’s now his pay grade to make these


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