A family domain on the internet

Family-minded people need to think globally as well as act locally, according to a group working to establish a family domain on the internet. Dotfam, an association registered in Spain last year, wants the family to be present in the world of the internet as an institution and a reference point. To this end it has applied to ICANN, the US-based body that co-ordinates the internet’s naming system, for approval of the top-level domain name, .fam

A video in Spanish and English on Dotfam’s website explains that the group wants to establish a high quality domain with many functions that will foster today’s “cyber homes” as safe places, protecting the nature and rights of families. The domain should be identifiable from any place in the world as an international support for the family community, with the hope that many problems and necessities of modern families can be assisted and even solved through the network.

Although there are already many family websites, Dotfam believes “it is appropriate to have a specific domain, one that guarantees and safe, secure family environment. We would like to make possible that from now on each and every family has both its physical home and its cyber home.”

The ultimate goal is that any procedures, administrative tasks or connections with financial or other entities can be done through this website, as a window from the family into the world.



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