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Have you heard of Verily Magazine? If not you should!
The fashion magazine, which launched its first issue at the end of May, is aimed to fill a void that exists in the world of fashion magazines today. The creators hoped to build something that catered to what young women today were really going through. From their website, “Like so many things in NYC, Verily was born over a gathering of friends for brunch. We ended up on the topic of women’s magazines – in particular, how most of them didn’t seem to reflect our lives or our philosophies as women. Here was a diverse group hailing from all over the country and working in everything from fashion to medicine to philanthropy. We had gone through the learning curve of our first jobs, navigated life in a new city, and been on more first dates than many of us would like to admit. If this group of modern women were all feeling overlooked, surely others must feel the same way?”
If the first issue is any indication of things to come, this is going to be a great magazine. The content is solid, interesting and engaging. The design is well put together and visually attractive. The photographs are beautiful.
I’m looking forward to future issues and seeing what these young women come up with – it’s about time a fashion magazine existed for the modern woman who isn’t primarily concerned with hooking a man through great bedroom antics and how to lose weight as quickly as possible.
You can check out the entire first issue online to get a better feel for what these women have created!


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