Abortion activists tell Obama what to do

But the big question is….will he listen? And will he ‘obey’ their orders?

Wisconsin Right to Life put this out today.

“If anyone thought the abortion agenda desired by Obama
supporters was a big secret, it is now out in the open,” stated Barbara
Lyons, Executive Director of Wisconsin Right to Life.  A coalition of
dozens of pro-abortion groups submitted a 55 page document to Obama
with its wish list for his presidency.  “These are marching orders,
pure and simple” continued Lyons.  “The document not only outlines what
the groups expect, but brazenly gives Obama the text for legislative
language, Executive Orders, Presidential Memorandums, regulatory
initiatives and a list of judicial vacancies — all to facilitate Obama
carrying out their marching orders as efficiently and expeditiously as
possible.  The only surprise is that the groups did not expect Obama to
reveal their strategy.”

As expected, the directive asks Obama to call on Congress to pass
the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA), and sign it into law.  “We urge the
President to signal public support for FOCA and call on Congress to
pass this important legislation,” the memo states. 

The wish list gives Obama marching orders for the first 100 days of
his presidency and then lists long-term goals for four years.  “The
directives are lengthy and horrendous and will most certainly, if
implemented, dramatically increase the number of abortions both in this
country and worldwide” stated Lyons…
“As we said ad nauseum prior to the election, Obama is pro-abortion to the core.  The
proponents of abortion know this as well — that’s why the marching
orders, while chilling in scope, should come as no surprise,” declared

True, as such. But since his election, Obama has carefully been
choosing advisers and listening to them before signaling where his
administration may take issues like national security, military
engagement, economic policy, etc. Some liberal groups are already
feeling betrayed by his centrist worldview at the moment.

So it’s not surprising abortion activists are getting vociferous in
their demands…or…expectations. But whether Obama will cede to them
(especially to the extent of their wish list) is another matter. It
would be a huge mistake if he did.


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