Abortion's tortured language

And logic. Starting with ‘choice’

The media are tangling themselves in knots to avoid either talking about scandalous abortion industry revelations as they unfold, or reporting what they do by making the most acrobatic linguistic moves their style book provides. And those manuals have been significantly changed.

No use of the designation ‘pro-life’, unless by necessity as in quoting someone who uses it…if they must.

This story appeared on the front page of the Chicago Tribune this week.

A Chicago medical center has become one of the nation’s first Roman Catholic hospitals to adopt a practice of halting second-trimester abortions for women who change their minds after the multiday medical procedure has begun.

Working with two anti-abortion groups, Resurrection Medical Center, the largest hospital of one of Chicago’s largest Catholic health care systems, has put in place a practice that when a woman arrives in the emergency room with an activist seeking to stop a second-trimester abortion, she should be treated immediately.

What to say…

How about…for the purpose of coherent converswation…let’s have parity in our use of terms. If we use ‘pro’-this, then let’s talk about the other side that is ‘pro’-that. Same for ‘anti’ anything. In other words…literally…if they insist on calling pro-life advocates ‘anti-abortion activists’, then let’s understand their ideological counterparts as ‘pro-abortion activists’.


Members of the anti-abortion alliance — made up of the hospital, the Pro-Life Action League and The Women’s Center — tout the practice as a model for all Catholic hospitals.

As it should.

Resurrection’s decision to work with activists to halt abortions, which is unprecedented in the Chicago area, is “part of who we are,” said Sister Donna Marie Wolowicki, Resurrection’s chief executive officer. “Catholic health care is to reach out to people and help them in their need. Of course, it’s vital to be true to the ethics we believe in. Holding life sacred is a big piece of what we believe.”


…abortion providers worry that anti-abortion activists are pushing a woman to pursue a rare and uncharted medical procedure that heightens risks during pregnancy for both the woman and the fetus and could result in premature labor or miscarriage.

Abortion supporters worry about the risks of medical procedures during pregnancy? Risks to “the fetus”? That could result in miscarriage?

Do these people think about what they’re saying?

Then again, there are times when the media stumble onto the truth of abortion while pursuing another story.


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