About 10,000 people

There are so many threats to the institution of the family in modern
culture….and therefore the continuation of society, ultimately….that an
organized annual Meeting of Families may not sound like it’s going to
continue getting big attendance.

The one that opened today in Mexico proved just how vital the family is, after all.

Both civil and religious authorities came together to
point out that the family constitutes the basis for the identity of the
person and of society, during today’s opening of the 6th World Meeting
of Families.

During the inauguration of this international event being attended
by almost 10,000 persons, Mexican President Felipe Calderón emphasized
that in order to have a country with greater personal security and
freedom from drugs — which he described as the slavery of the 21st
century — it is necessary to strengthen the family.

This event is intended to do that, from the grassroots to the hierarchy.

The president of the Mexican episcopal conference,
Bishop Carlos Aguiar Retes, reaffirmed that the family is the patrimony
of humanity and the school of the faith. He warned, however, of dangers
such as ethical relativism, poverty and laws that are contrary to the
family. He made a special call for a greater consciousness of and
commitment to work for the family and society.

Pope Benedict sent his personal prayer for the gathering.

“May this important ecclesial event”, he added, “be a
further expression of the beauty and importance of the family, infusing
everyone with new energy to support this irreplaceable and fundamental
cell of society and of the Church”.

Amen to all the above.


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