All things dull and godless

Richard DawkinsBritish school children are the target of a new campaign by British atheist and media darling Richard Dawkins to turn people away from Christian faith. With the support of another atheist academic, A C Grayling, Dawkins is trying to drum up a following for something called the National Federation of Atheist, Humanist and Secular Student Societies.

Their aim is to get students to lobby their schools and local authorities that control the schools over what is taught in religious education classes -- for example, that homosexuality (do they mean homosexual activity?) is a sin or the Biblical account of creation. The AHS wants to have a group in each school holdings talks and educational events to persuade students not to believe in God.

They claim to have active groups at 25 British universities, and this summer are organising an atheist summer camp for children who will be told, among other things, that religious belief and doctrines can prevent (yes, prevent) ethical and moral behaviour. The camp is modelled on Camp Quest in the USA, which offers “a godless alternative to traditional religious summer camps such as vacation Bible schools”.

Groups dedicated to trampling on other people’s beliefs and customs may attract lost and angry youngsters, but it is hard to see how they would capture the imagination of normal children. However, the UK is bound to have a law that will guarantee them a place in schools no matter how little support they have -- especially if, as it seems already, they play the creationist and homophobia cards. A Christian teacher at a London school was fired recently after protesting about a staff training day that amounted to promotion of homosexuality. ~ Daily Telegraph, April 25




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