An Italian murdered in New York proves woke racism is as cruel as the racism it replaced

Why is it so difficult for American journalists to simply tell the truth?

Earlier this month, a 30-year-old Italian researcher studying at New York’s Columbia University was brutally murdered by a member of a notorious African-American gang.

Davide Giri, a visiting scholar, was stabbed to death in an Upper Manhattan park by Vincent Pinkney, a reputed gang member of the group “Everybody Killa” who had a decade-long rap sheet including at least 11 arrests.

Records show that Pinkney has enjoyed light sentences despite his involvement in multiple violent crimes stretching back to 2012. At the time of his arrest, he was already a wanted suspect in a previous assault.

Giri’s stabbing murder in New York was chillingly captured on surveillance video. It was the first part of a 20-minute rampage in which Pinkney wounded another Italian man and then attempted to attack a couple in nearby Central Park.

In a long-repeating pattern that was most notoriously displayed after the recent Waukesha massacre, Pinkney’s ethnicity, gang connections and criminal history were buried by corporate outlets.

The New York Times dedicated some 900 words to the story, but chose to run it on page 16 and provided only Pinkney’s name and age, despite the public availability of all other relevant information about him.

Italy’s leading newspaper, the centrist Corriere della Sera, was seething in its criticism of the New York Times last week.

“Almost everything is known about the man who savagely attacked the Italian researcher,” the article began, “but none of this news is visible in the New York Times.” Labelling the Times’ coverage “evasive and incomplete”, Corriere della Sera continued (via Google Translate):

The interest of the newspaper, and the investigative force put in place, would have been different … if the victim had been African American and the murderer white; even more so if that white man had been a member of some organisation that preaches and practices violence, for example a right-wing militia.

The tragedy would have ended up on the front page, a team of reporters would have been mobilised to investigate the murderer’s environment, his story and his motivations.

The Milan-based paper provided the background on the murderer that the Times was too woke to countenance. Pinkney is from Harlem and served only two years of a four-year sentence after his involvement in a violent pack assault in Jamaica.

As for his gang, Everybody Killas (or Ebk for short) is a Queens-based gang financed by drug trafficking, has been involved in a long series of shootings, and has a reach that extends as far as California.

Why the reporters assigned to the story at the New York Times didn’t bother to include any of this information is clear to Corriere della Sera. The Times has in recent years dedicated itself to “resistance journalism”; has an editorial line “that borders on self-censorship”; and considers balance and impartiality a weakness, the Italian paper alleges.

Corriere della Sera also called out the New York Times for downplaying the looting and violence that followed the killing of George Floyd last year; its reinterpretation of American history through the 1619 Project; its purge of Black Lives Matter critics from its newsroom; and its support of “progressive” prosecutors who release dangerous criminals onto the streets in the name of equality.

In short, the New York Times believes that racism can only travel in one direction. Motives aside, violent murder is only “racist” when the perpetrator is white and the victim is black.

This logic may pass muster in New York’s boroughs, but when a foreigner is murdered and his nation’s biggest newspaper spots the hypocrisy, watch out.

To the world beyond America’s gangs and liberal newsrooms, the New York Times is blatantly racist. And its woke racism is just as cruel as the racism it was designed to replace.


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