Another American dynasty continues

Or so it seems, with the stir generated about Jeb Bush running for the Senate from Florida….

and now about Caroline Kennedy running for the Senate from New York.

Caroline Kennedy, a daughter of America’s most storied
political family who for many years fiercely guarded her privacy, is
considering whether to pursue the Senate seat expected to be vacated by
Hillary Rodham Clinton early next year, a family member said Friday.

“I believe that she is considering it,” said her cousin Robert F.
Kennedy Jr., who has spoken to Ms. Kennedy about the matter during the
past week. “A lot of people the last couple of weeks have urged her to
do it.”

Ms. Kennedy called Gov. David A. Paterson on Wednesday to discuss
the position, Mr. Paterson confirmed Friday. The governor will choose a
replacement for Mrs. Clinton upon her expected confirmation as
secretary of state next month.

“The conversation was informational,” Mr. Paterson said. “She did
not express an interest in the Senate, but we talked about the Senate,
so I got that she was just trying to get some information to determine
whether or not she would like to have an interest in it. And that was

How coy. It’s political theater.

Ms. Kennedy, 51, a lawyer who lives in Manhattan, could not be reached on Friday.

The anticipated vacancy in the Senate seat, which was once occupied
by her uncle Robert F. Kennedy, has set off intense speculation in the
political world. Any interest from Ms. Kennedy could instantly
overshadow others whose names have been mentioned as possible
successors to Mrs. Clinton, including the state attorney general,
Andrew M. Cuomo, and several members of the New York congressional

Imagine how dramatic American politics is set to become. The
Clintons back for four more years (at least). The possibility of
another Bush in higher office. And another Kennedy entering political

Politics remain very interesting.

Take the Bush possibility

As a senator he would attract national attention
initially as the brother and son of presidents, but over time he would
do so because of the quality of his ideas…

Bush says that he will decide over the Christmas season whether
he’ll run for the Senate. If he does, he will probably pre-empt the
field on the Republican side (as he did when he ran for governor in
1998) and will be a heavy favorite in the general election. I hope he
does. Mel Martinez’s decision to retire has opened the way for this
gifted politician to make a contribution to national politics and
public policy.

If he wants the job, it’s his, and he energizes the party with one win.

And if Caroline Kennedy wants it, it’s hers.

More Catholics in high places.

Photo by Associated Press

(Jeb Bush standing just beyond the photo frame.)


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