Another Bush to seek higher office?

Even the suggestion that former Florida Governor Jeb Bush may
consider a Senate run is creating a stir, especially within the party
looking for leaders right now.

When Sen. Mel Martinez announced he’ll be stepping down after this term, the buzz started immediately.

Former Gov. Jeb Bush is seriously considering a run and
has received e-mails of encouragement from many party and elected
officials, according to a former political adviser close to Bush who
spoke on condition of anonymity because the former governor is not
ready to publicly discuss his plans.

He happens to be free at a critical time in Washington politics. With Saxby Chambliss holding onto his seat, Republicans have a razor thin shield against a Democrat juggernaut.

But any additional Republican losses in 2010 could tip
the Senate into a filibuster-proof Democratic chamber that would have
free rein to pass anti-life legislation such as the Freedom of Choice
Act (FOCA).

That’s a key reason social conservatives are looking for candidates like Jeb Bush.

The other reason for drawing this to our readers’ attention: The president’s younger brother is a Catholic convert.

And he is prudentially weighing the options for the future of the party and the country.

“In an interview with Politico immediately after
November’s election, the former governor said the Republican Party
should take four primary steps to regain favor with voters: Show no
tolerance for corruption, practice what it preaches about limiting the
scope of government (‘There should not be such a thing as a Big
Government Republican’), stand for working families and small business,
and embrace reform,” the Politico article continued.

“Bush said conservatives should ‘do the math of the new demographics
of the United States,’ explaining that the Republican Party ‘can’t be
anti-Hispanic, anti-young person — anti many things — and be surprised
when we don’t win elections.’”

He has at least put priorities in order.


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