At this late point

It is amazing that so many people are still completely unaware of the ‘Freedom of Choice Act’, and the ‘Born Alive Infants Protection Act’,
each of which clearly represent Sen. Barack Obama’s commitment
to rendering an entire class of human beings unworthy of human rights.

The pro-life world is very aware of the record and the threat to
existing laws. The mainstream public that follows not alternative news
but main network and daily secular news sources admit to hearing
nothing at all about these acts to this point.

So the news ‘ghettoes’ continue….people hang out in the news
communities that most reflect their views, or they trust the major
networks to deliver news they need to know. Both models fail to give a
complete picture of where the most important issue in the culture
figures into the long term future.

I have been asked in the past three days (especially the past 24
hours) to help provide information to boost awareness of what the
candidates stand for. Still. With about a day left before the U.S.

Like so many other blogs, the Forum has covered these stories for a long time. Go up to the Search window and type in Born Alive Infants Protection Act, or Freedom of Choice Act.

The reporting here goes back to last January, at least. The fact
that some of it caught up with some conservative media in August, and
some hasn’t come out in the media as yet today, proves how managed the
news is in the American media.

And it proves that if there’s anybody you want to make aware of some
of the fundamental life issues at stake in the election, you’ve got
just a number of hours, with a ticking clock, to start sending them
links to information that’s been available all along on this election.

It’s awfully late to scrutinize the language of “rights” that disguises the toll on the wronged.

Freedom of Choice? What a misnomer. But if few mainstream voices challenge it, who will have known?


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