Black Christian politicians

We seem to be moving decidedly past the race issue in the US, and we
are greatly relieved to the degree that we are moving that way. But
policies that enforce discrimination of another sort are now at issue
in a more urgent way.

In the UK, Black Christian politicians are calling on citizens to “Judge Obama by his policies, not his race.”

In a letter to the Guardian, six black Christian
politicians say Barack Obama’s election heralds a breakthrough for
politicians of colour in Britain, but add that no-one should go
“dewy-eyed” over President Obama’s actions in office.

What prompted the letter was this:

…Barak Obama’s transition chief, John Podesta, “singled
out restrictions applied by George Bush, in 2001, on federal funding of
stem cell research” as an area where swift repeal action may be taken
by the new President.

Congratulations and commendations are pouring in from around the
world. And along with admiration, some like this one are staying on
message, that the ethic of universal human rights must be consistent.

Barack Obama is now the most prominent black politician
ever seen in democratic history. But the greatest black politician the
world may YET see - or the greatest black scientist, greatest black
artist or the greatest black sportsperson - could under Obama’s
presidency never have the chance to be seen - because Barack Obama
would have had them aborted before they ever had the chance to be born.

The election of an African-American as President of the United
States is a symbolic validation of the American Dream that none can
deny. We rejoice in this. It says something noble and fine about a
country with as tragic a racial past as America. It is an inspiration
for black politicians everywhere. We pray it will provoke a greater
engagement in British politics especially among members of the black
majority churches in the UK.

But let us not be deluded by Barack Obama’s fine words about a new
kind of politics and a bi-partisan approach. Within days of the
election, his welcome statements on energy, unemployment and the credit
crunch are already making way for the vicious anti-life agenda of
Washington’s abortionist elite.

After the long, historically wrenching struggle against slavery and
discrimination, we find ourselves in this stunning turn of events. It
seems so clear to those who see the disconnect. We already have these
early warnings that the new president will follow an aggressively
anti-life agenda. But until he takes office, here’s hoping he sees more
clearly what the consequences of those plans would be.


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