Budget battles and abortion

During the course of this contentious week in Washington over federal spending and a government shutdown at the end of it, the issue of abortion has emerged at the height and center of controversy. This isn’t a wonkish debate after all. It’s about core social values. Like….human beings who become the society that drives the economy.

Who saw this coming?

The policy fight threatening to blow up budget negotiations involves an issue that has been on the sidelines in recent months: abortion.

Until this week, social issues have been largely overshadowed by economic matters amid suggestions from Republican leaders that such debates be put aside while the nation tackles its debt. But now, social conservatives are flexing their muscles, insisting that Planned Parenthood be stripped of federal funding in the spending bill for the rest of the current fiscal year.

There is no reason why taxpayer dollars should fund the abortion industry. Or some of the other protected special interests coming to light this week.

And reason is finally being applied to the debate.

And then again...

There's this update:

Democratic sources tonight said the major sticking point to a budget deal remains the GOP rider prohibiting any federal funding to Planned Parenthood or any of its affiliates. An aide to Speaker John Boehner denied that Planned Parenthood is the main remaining sticking point, saying, "Spending, spending, spending. That is the remaining issue." Do you think Planned Parenthood should be part of this debate?

Wow, what a question.


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