Bureacratic bullies get pushback

First, get power. Then, consolidate it. Next, break promises to the
people who helped you get power that you would still recognize their
autonomy on important issues. Don’t allow debate, shut down opposition.
Exert control.

Sound familiar? Depending on where in the world you’re reading this, chances are ‘yes’. But this particular story is out of Europe.

“New resolution adopted by the European Parliament raises concern and astonishment”

“In an earlier post, we have reported on the European Parliament’s
attempt (and failure) to provide the controversial EU Fundamental
Rights Agency (FRA) with a role in assessing the conformity with EU
Legislation of laws adopted by Member States. This lead to the adoption
of a Resolution, by the parliament of the Member State concerned, in
which the EP’s actions were called illegal, and to a letter in which
the FRA itself had to acknowledge that such task would fall outside its

“Not discouraged by this setback, the EP has proceeded to a new
attempt to upgrade the institutional role of the FRA. This attempt
takes the form of a (legally non-binding) “Resolution on the
Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament and the
Council - An area of freedom, security and justice serving the citizen…”

Packaged to sound really good, no question. But packaged to market new forms of interference into the lives of those citizens.

“Why is the EP calling for such closer involvement of the Agency? As
it seems, the liberal-left-green-communist majority in the EP considers
the “experts” working for the Agency to be close allies when it comes
to advocating and/or enforcing radical social policies (such as
legalizing abortion, or promoting same-sex “marriage”, or undermining
the traditional concepts of marriage and family). The Agency has now
existed for less than two years, but the work it has accomplished in
this short time already give a clear idea about its radical agenda.”

Good investigative reporting here. We’d best be listening to this
whistle blowing, because this kind of usurpation of power is happening
under radar, and beyond more than a few borders.

“In other words: if the FRA (and indirectly FRALEX) were to be
involved in legislative procedures in the way suggested by the EP, an
important part of the European Union’s legislative powers would de
facto be outsourced and privatized. These powers would be handed over
to individuals who, widely unknown to the public, have neither stood
any democratic elections nor been selected by their national
authorities, and who have already shown in the past their ambition to
promote a highly controversial social policy agenda through what they
present as “legal expertise”.”

Sound familiar, America?


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