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The news stories are out there all over the place today that Barack
Obama’s passport files were breached. For most of Friday morning, the
headlines carried some version of Obama’s outrage over his personal
information being accessed, and some version of Condoleeza Rice’s
apology to him for that mistake.

But by mid-day, the rest of the story came out.

All three major presidential candidates have had their passport files breached, the State Department confirmed Friday.

Hillary Clinton and John McCain were informed that their files were
improperly accessed not long after Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
apologized to Barack Obama for a similar violation.

Interesting, how quickly Obama seized the chance to jump on
something to re-direct press attention and turn it into a personal

Obama’s campaign called the breach of his records
“outrageous” when the news was brought to their attention Thursday, and
even suggested political motives were behind it.

What did the other two candidates say?

“Senator Clinton will closely monitor the State
Department’s investigation into this and the other breaches of private
passport information,” Clinton’s statement said.


McCain issued a statement saying: “The U.S. government
has a responsibility to respect the privacy of all Americans. It
appears that privacy was breached and I expect a thorough review and a
change in procedures as necessary to ensure the privacy of all passport

At least two of them were measured responses.


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