Centre of controversy

There are so many controversies swirling through politics it’s
analagous to watching the weather channel during hurricane season,
trying to track multiple storms as they form and analyze the fronts
that threaten to drive them further.

I try to stay clear of sheer politics these days. Moral issues and
social policies are more important than party clashes and power plays.
But the lines that separate them are so blurred right now, you
can’t avoid the politics of anything.

So here’s this New York Times piece on the Van Jones affair, and aside from all the partisanship involved in the story and in the reporting of it….it says something very critical about how the White House is handling policy issues these days.

Here’s the money quote:

Mr. Jones’s hiring and departure again raised questions
about the quality of the White House personnel vetting process and the
proliferation of so-called policy czars who are not subject to Senate
confirmation or legislative oversight.

That sentence is loaded.


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