Children want to ban divorce

If they could make the rules for the world, the first thing British kids would do is ban divorce. That is what under-10s said in a poll conducted for the country’s fourth National Kids’ Day. It is the first time divorce has topped the list of things children would like to make rules about if they were king or queen of the world. From other list of items children chose marital splits as the second worst thing in the world -- the first was being fat, which has come up from ninth place in 2006. The very best thing in the world was “good looks”.Bullying was another big issue for children and behaviour that they would ban. About two-thirds of the 1600 youngsters said they were happy, but 27 were not and a further 7 per cent were not sure. Nearly all had a best friend who was kind, many of them because they were “in love”.The survey questioned the children about marriage: over 80 per cent thought they would marry when they grew up -- although 17 per cent gave a definite “no” on the subject; 66 per cent wanted to have children -- most stopping at one or two.Patricia Murchie of Luton First, the group that did the research, remarked on the “pre-teens” concerns about looks and weight, which possibly reflected media images of glamour, and new educational initiatives in nutrition and healthy eating. ~ Telegraph (UK), Dec 14  


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