"Choice" is such a relative term

And it’s usually accompanied these days by the word “freedom”, even when neither is true.

Like the Freedom of Choice Act, this one is a misnomer.

Let’s work backwards, from what ought to be the case.

To protect American workers, Congress should:

Protect workers’ privacy during organizing drives and guarantee every worker the right to vote in a private-ballot election.

Ensure that workers hear from both sides dur­ing an organizing drive
and have time to reflect on their choice so they can make an informed
and considered decision; and

Protect the right of workers and employers to bargain collectively
without having government officials unilaterally impose employment
con­tracts on them.

And what is at issue here?

The Employee Free Choice Act would strip workers of
their fundamental rights and leave them more vulnerable to pressure
than before.

President-elect Barack Obama has said he will sign the EFCA into law.

Another ’freedom of choice’ re-defined.

(Thanks to my attorney friend, Linda, who fights for the balance of
rights and responsibilities….and who forwarded the heads-up.)


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