Courts and judges, courts and judges...

Here’s another reminder about why elections are so vital to the life or death
of a nation. The ability to appoint judges, especially in the era of
judicial activism. With media compliance.

A federal appeals court panel in Richmond, Va., on
Tuesday struck down a Virginia law that made it a crime for doctors to
perform what the law called “partial birth infanticide.”

What does the New York Times call it?

Here’s what it is:

As a loophole, a grisly procedure was developed to avoid
infanticide charges. In that procedure, officially known as “Intact
dilation and extraction” the child is partially delivered feet-first up
to the neck. Then, only inches from birth, a hole is made in the
child’s skull and her brains are sucked out. Thus, by the time the
delivery is complete, the baby is dead and criminal liability is

Here’s what it is in full, horrible detail, in the words of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. Courtesy of the New York Times.

And here’s an editorial from the NCRegister, with key excerpts. To clearly call it what it is.


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