Damage control

Crisis averted in Louisiana, though Gustav is still hitting Mississippi.

News is still breaking out all over about Republican VP pick Sarah
Palin’s teenage daughter being five months pregnant. Detractors are
shameful in exploiting the news for its smear value. GOP and other
sympathizers are quickly responding to both the news and the smears.

Will it matter to this race?

Palin has a VERY strong following among social
conservatives who are nearly certain to give her the benefit of the
doubt in this situation. She is a known commodity in social
conservative circles and is regarded as “one of them” — a fact that
should lessen any criticism from the right.


Democrats must be VERY careful not to take a false step
here. Some Republicans have already insisted that the Obama campaign is
behind the rumor-mongering about Sarah, Bristol and Trig — although in
our experience the campaign has not pushed the story AT ALL, in fact
they have been encouraging reporters to focus on the issues of
difference between the two candidates rather than personal stories. Any
sense that Democrats are pushing this idea will almost certainly turn
both Sarah and Bristol Palin into sympathetic figures — and that spells
trouble for her detractors.

Sen. Obama told the press today that he wants to make very clear his
belief that the family members of candidates should be off limits in a
campaign, espeically their children. He said this news should in no way
enter into the political campaign, nor should it reflect on Sarah
Palin’s ability to govern as either a governor or a vice-president.

Right. Good. True. Let’s see if it holds as well as the Louisiana levees did today.


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