Dating 2011: ABG Maturity

Recently I have treated myself to a lavish re-reading of the classics. The pile beside my bed includes Jane Eyre, North and South, and Pride and Prejudice. (Mr Darcy! *heart flutters!*)
As I finished the last page, I began to see a pattern that was repeated in all three books. After much flicking back through all three novels, I gave my theory a name- ‘ABG Maturity.’
This stands for ‘Austen, Bronte, and Gaskell Maturity.’ These three writers have done more for true women’s liberation than any less elegant feminist of today. The principle of my theory is simple- in the novels of Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, and Elizabeth Gaskell, their heroines possess a quality some women in today’s world just don’t have.
They’ve Grown Up.  
They are all portrayed in their enchanting novels as women of independence, purpose, and intelligent opinion. They may not be highflying career queens, but they stand out in the circles of their society as individuals who are mature enough to make their own decisions and accept responsibility for them.
Too often girls are now relying on their boyfriend to make up the missing part of their identity. These girls are often young and inexperienced, swaying with the pressures of peers, fashion, and a focus on things that really aren’t important.
This misguided relationship can also be vice-versa, with men regarded as failures if they don’t have a girlfriend the day after they turn 18. They are often still too immature for commitment and have not yet molded themselves into strong individuals.
This all leads to a crushing and miserable dating period, and too often, an even worse break-up. Dating should not be seen as an option for the solely personal job of self-fulfillment. Both men and women of today need to read a few classics, and be of ABG Maturity before even contemplating entering a relationship.


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