Demographics put to good use. Selling shiny objects

While some look to demographics to determine the future state of their nations, the needs of the workforce, the location of schools, others use it to sell video games. According to a website called Gamasutra: The Art and Business of Making Video Games, Sony wants to catch up to rival Nintendo by marketing its PSP (Play Station Portable) to the 8 to 15 year-old demographic in addition to it’s core audience of 16 to 24 year-olds says product manager Claire Backhouse.

“PSP is going for a younger market, which isn’t something we’ve really done before,” she said. “Our heartland is 16-24-year-old men and always will be — they won’t be neglected in the slightest. But the summer’s game releases, such as Harry Potter and Petz, as well as the launch of the new colors, are certainly appealing to an 8-15-year-old audience.”

There you have it, selling to young kids with video games, new colours, and a social networking site. Truly science at its best.


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