Did anyone doubt he'd do it?

Let’s just say the pro-life world prayed President Obama would not expand embryonic stem cell research. Today, he did.

Signed it into law.

As promised during the campaign, President Obama has
lifted federal restrictions on embryonic stem cell research put in
place in 2001 by President Bush.

In announcing the policy change Monday morning, achieved by
executive order, the president also signed a memorandum aimed at
shielding the federal government’s involvement in science from
political influence. The dual moves represented a sharp departure from
the Bush years, when government employees – including the former
Surgeon General – charged that politics was interfering with science in
a range of areas, from stem cell research to climate change and
reproductive health policy.

The policy moves, carried out Monday morning in an East Room signing
ceremony, brought cheers from the scientific community and advocacy
groups hoping for medical breakthroughs on a range of conditions.

It is bogus science to claim that human destructive embryonic stem
cell research promises medical breakthroughs in cures when it has only
proven to be unsuccessful and even threatening (sometimes producing
tumors) while other, ethical stem cell progress has advanced with huge

Like ‘reproductive health policy’ is a bogus coverup for spreading
birth control and abortion and sex education that doesn’t focus on
abstinence but on practicing safe sex.

Prof. Robert George predicted that, for all the issues on which Obama will have to disappoint his own
base by drifting toward center by necessity, he will placate and reward
his most liberal supporters on social moral issues.

There are two reasons for this: (1) politically, these
are the only substantial issues on which Obama can afford to give the
left everything it demands; and (2) his own views conform perfectly to
the left-liberal orthodoxy on these matters.

He has reversed the Mexico City policy, named a pro-abortion
Catholic governor to head Health & Human Services, and signed the
embryonic stem cell research law, all of which will lead to even
further destruction of human life than this country has already

What will be next?


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