Divide and conquer?

Christian America is already seriously divided. But there’s a new
campaign going on to render Christianity irrelevant in all its
factions. Wedge issues work to widen the gap. Extremists help give
Christianity a scary public face. And the key to how successful this
deconstruction will be is who controls the narrative. Right now, it’s
noisy and getting louder.

President Obama already told the world that America is no longer a
Christian nation. Newsweek did a cover story last week on “The decline
and fall of Christian America”. And now the news talk shows are buzzing.

Last night I happened on to CNN’s AC360 briefly, in the middle of an
interview in which Anderson Cooper pit Family Research Council
president Tony Perkins against Soulforce gay rights activist and
clergyman Mel White. As I tuned in, they were not only arguing with
each other about homosexuality and the bible, they seemed to be joining
in criticizing Pastor Rick Warren and his position on California’s
controversial Proposition 8. Cooper showed clips of some Warren remarks
(seemed to be part of a sermon at his Saddleback Church), and a clip of
Warren telling Larry King that he’s not anti-gay, but he was trying to
clarify the language in the debate over same sex marriage.

Back to the AC360 set, and competing voices on Cooper’s left and
right (literally and figuratively). It was contentious. And by the way,
the banner at the bottom of the screen titled this show “End of
Christian America?”

Oh, brother.


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