Do style bloggers dress unlike the average woman?

For the first time in nearly three years of fashion blogging I’ve realized there is a divide between fashion bloggers and the rest of the population. As a personal style blogger, I spend a lot of time talking with other style/fashion bloggers. We email each other, hold discussions in a google group and tweet incessantly.

Most of us believe we represent the average woman in our clothing choices. We don’t have an endless budget to fund daily shopping trips. Instead we wear the same items in different ways to teach others how to mix and match what they already have into new outfits. We take current trends, mix them with personal favorites, shake in our own personality and what’s created is out blog voice and look.

Last summer when I made the move from the middle of the country (which tends to be behind the fashion times) to the progressive East coast, I proudly wore a maxi-dress – confident of the fact that I was completely with the current fashion trend. But someone told me I looked very Midwestern when I wore such a long dress. Since that was just a polite way of saying I looked out of date and old fashioned I immediately hung the dress in the back of my closet.


But then this summer maxi dresses are everywhere. I see them on so many of my favorite blogs, on the pages of fashion websites and on celebrity pictures. So I pulled out the maxi dress again – confident, yet again, that I was ‘in’. Except apparently, this is something that fashion bloggers are donning but the average person is still nervous about attempting.

As I was out helping a friend refresh her wardrobe for the summer, I suggested a maxi dress and was immediately given a look of horror. She had never seen anyone wearing them and she was convinced she would look like a bad flash-back to the 80’s. All my attempts to convince her this was the trend of the moment went unheeded.

This summer I’ll still wear my maxi dresses. I like them. But for the first time since I started blogging I’m realizing there is a difference between fashion blogger clothing choices and the average woman’s choices.

Have you noticed this difference? What are fashion bloggers wearing that you would never want to try?



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