"Don't meddle with marriage"

Australian family advocates and supporters have travelled to
the federal capital, Canberra, today to tell politicians, “Don’t meddle with
”. It is the first day of sitting for a new Senate in which the Greens
hold the balance of power between the Labour Government and the Coalition Opposition.
The Greens have shown themselves as keen on
same-sex marriage and euthanasia as on the unpopular carbon tax.

In fact, while the family values lobby was inside Parliament
House hosting morning tea in the Great Hall and listening to American family champion
Rebecca Hagelin this morning, the carbon tax resisters were outside heckling the government about the burden that the tax -- scheduled
to begin on July 1, 2012 -- will impose on Australians.

MPs are supposed to have consulted their electorates on
same-sex marriage and are due to report back to parliament on the issue in the
next few days. The family rally, led by the Australian Family Association and
the National Marriage Coalition, marks National
Marriage Day
(actual date August 13th) which in turn dates from the Marriage
Amendment Act 2004 that defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

Mary Louise Fowler, vice-president of the AFA, says there is
a pressing
for Australians to take a stand on the issue:

"The bills are coming forward relentlessly to say the
least, and they have been for some time," she said.

"So the fact that you may not have one right on the
floor at the moment, we know that they're around the corner. They've been
promised by the Greens."

US-based World Congress of Families is to hold its 2013
congress in Sydney with the theme, “Happy Families = Healthy Economy”.


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