Don’t say you’re going to sit out this election…


Don’t say you’re going to sit out this election…

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…when some of our citizens only wish they could vote.

“I voted for Barack Abooma!” bragged Davita Randall the
other day. One should perhaps forgive the mispronunciation. After all,
she and her brother Davin, also an “Abooma” enthusiast, are only in

No, they can’t actually vote, but the Randall twins of Elk Grove,
Calif., are excited about this election nonetheless. As is first-grader
Alex Taylor, who discussed the race animatedly with his mother all the
way to their New York City polling station on Super Tuesday — only to
see Mom vote another way.

“I voted for Hillary Clinton,” said their mother, Sandy Radnovich.
“That wasn’t his candidate. But I told him, this is what America is all
about: free choice.”

Democracy, the free exchange of ideas, liberty with responsibility.
That’s what America is all about, and this election….contentious as it
is on some places and even parties….is as representative of the
republic as any one we’ve seen in our lifetimes.

For every adult who neglects to participate, we should put in a little person.

“I know kids even from moderate Republican households
who are getting up early and handing out stickers for Obama,” Eyck
said. “I think they see incredible charisma,” he explained. “And a man
who speaks passionately, and seems authentic.”

Yet Eyck himself narrowly prefers Clinton. “Though my instinct tells
me Obama is more electable and would unite the country more, my reason
tells me that Clinton has stronger plans on a variety of issues, and
that her experience would allow her to be a stronger president,” he

Who is Eyck? A 13-year old. Who blogs. And talks about reason.


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