Dying to get an organ

Aggressive doctors have been re-defining death for years now for all sorts of purposes.

Especially to harvest organs.

Bernice Jones came to Rome last week to tell the world
that doctors killed her son by removing his organs. “Brain death is not
death” and “organ donation is very deceptive,” the bereaved mother told
LifeSiteNews.com in an interview on Thursday.

It certainly is, but unnecessarily. Because it’s been happening under radar.

“Families are led to believe that their loved ones are
dead,” Jones told LSN, “but in fact they are alive. You must be alive
to be a vital organ donor.” Families, she said, are being deceived by
doctors and hospital administrators, “by everyone who is involved in
organ transplantation.” The declaration of brain death “is a deception,
a violent deception, that your loved one is dead.”

Jones described what she characterized as a betrayal of
principle by medical professionals at a hospital in their home state of
Washington, whose priority she argued is no longer the care of the
patient at hand but the procurement of organs for transplants. Although
she declined to name the hospital, she said, “It happens at all

So be informed and prepared. Information is not only power, it could be life-saving protection for you or your loved ones.


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