Early spin cycle

In the first hours after election returns were in, the spin was
dizzying. I turned to any sports game on TV to avoid the talking head
merry-go-round. It’s going to be there tomorrow. And the weekend news
shows. And handicapping the 2010 mid-terms.

Geesh…..didn’t we just get through a nearly unendurable election cycle?

So basically, conservative Republicans won big. The Obama
Adminstration moved so far left so fast on so many issues it alarmed a
lot of Americans and energized the conservative base. Hence, the Tea
Parties and Townhalls over the past half year.

The pro-life movement was swift with reaction.

What do Dede Scozzafava, Creigh Deeds and Gov. Jon
Corzine have in common?  All were endorsed by abortion mammoth Planned
Parenthood. All three candidates were virulent supporters of abortion
rights and opponents of human personhood.
“Planned Parenthood is well known for its protection of child
predators, overcharging states for birth control and growing abortion
business,” said Rita Diller, national director of American Life
League’s STOP Planned Parenthood project. “This election shows that an
endorsement from Planned Parenthood is the political “kiss of death” –
as it was for Deeds, Corzine and Scozzafava.”

The humiliating loss by Scozzafava was a particularly hard blow for
Planned Parenthood as she was clearly the “poster child” of Planned
Parenthood political candidates. The long-time Planned Parenthood
supporter, board member, and Sanger Award winner had such a poor
showing she was forced to resign from the campaign the week before the

The losses reflect a trend identified by several nationally
recognized polls earlier in the year that a majority of Americans
consider themselves “pro-life.”

Where you stand on abortion and sanctity of human life is turning
out to be a pivotal issue in the political landscape this year.


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