End of life regulation?

Which is it…..are they required under Medicare or not?

My email inbox is head spinning, with one news flash that ‘death panels are back’ (which by today, I thought was ‘old news’), and another one that arrived just prior to it saying ‘breaking news: ‘Administration reverses on end-of-life counseling.’

Where does this stand?

I’m getting whiplash. First,they are in, then they are out, then they are in–and now, after all the yelling and defending, they are out again.  What?  Payment for doctors to provide end of life counseling.

As of this moment, they are out.

What lingers with me from yesterday’s reporting was the White House insider comment that this was ‘bad optics.’  That’s already getting to be old new spin.

When you build a campaign on promises of transparency, they will come, the people who hold you to account.


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