Facebook to give out your phone number, address

Facebook has long been moving toward a policy that would make everything you have on your profile public to the world. If you follow the news, every couple months the company announces some new information sharing plan. Usually the initial plan is over the top, causing cries of disgust from users. Facebook’s reaction then is to reign in the plan a little but still move forward with the improvements. Basically, it’s all part of the plan. Overshoot then pull back a little less than the time before so Facebook gains ground and users think they’ve been hurt.

But this time, Facebook has decided it will give third party companies access to your phone number and home address. Um… what? Most people who even list that kind of information on their profiles make it private to just their friends, or even a select group of people they pre-selected. So, suddenly your siblings, best friend and then any third party that pays for the service has that information.

Facebok first announced this plan in January and then pulled back at the outcry from users, but it is assumed they will move forward again with the plan. There is some talk of making it at optional thing that you would need to go into your privacy settings to change.

Before any of this craziness begins, go into your account and delete your number and address. It shouldn’t be in there anyway, but just in case it is remove it. Then when the option comes up, opt not to share your information with third party companies. That will save you from having Facebook give away that saved info they know doubt have in their files.

(pic from reherring.com)



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