Fads begin from the top down

Movements, from the bottom up.

We are convinced that societies are changed over the
backyard fence, standing around the barbeque grill, and sitting in the
barber shop or hair salon.

Who’s the “we”? The three original drafters of The Manhattan Declaration,
who are now following up that exceptional project with information and
encouragement to mobilize people already inspired by the campaign.

Go to that site and sign on and tell others, which nearly 300,000
people have done in just under a month since it was written and
released. And if you already did, you may have received this same email
from Dr. Robert George, Dr. Timothy George, and Chuch Colson (though it’s on their site as well).

Like leaders of any movement, they urge people to stay involved.

We have received thousands of e-mails asking what’s next
- a good question. The goal of those of us who drafted and signed the
document is not just to get a lot of names on a manifesto, gratifying
though that is. We are seeking to build a movement - hundreds of
thousands, perhaps millions, of Catholic, Evangelical, and Eastern
Orthodox Christians who will stand together alongside other men and
women of goodwill in defense of foundational principles of justice and
the common good. These are people who could expose the lie which so
many in our culture have embraced about self being the center of life;
and then winsomely present, in the words of St. Paul, “a more excellent

We are looking for people who will work in every possible arena to
advance the sanctity of life, rebuild and revitalize the marriage
culture, and protect religious liberty.

How to take the next step? Here’s one interesting suggestion: read the whole declaration, grasp what it’s fully sayiing.

Study and learn about these issues. We see the Manhattan
Declaration as a great teaching and reference source. Share it with
others. Only after you have tried to teach it to someone else will you
have really learned it. And go deeper in your own study. There are many
organizations that offer excellent resources in support of these
foundational truths. If you can’t find resources, you can visit www.colsoncenter.org and look at the Worldview Resource Directory we’ve assembled.

Still have questions? Get answers from the FAQs. And note the excellent resources they link to at the bottom.

So “get to work, people”, (as even comedian Jon Stewart snapped, when the media failed to cover a major story). This is a major movement, and it’s rolling.


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