Fashion trends for fall 2011

The season of fashion weeks is upon us – New York, Paris, Milan. Designers are giving us a peak into the future and showing us what will be hitting the shelves and magazine pages this fall. If you are a plan ahead type and want to be with the fashion curve but not spend a ton of money updating your wardrobe, keep an eye put for these items in the months ahead:

Bold mixed patterns – you get to look like a little more refined 5-year-old who dressed herself in her favorites items that don’t necessarily match. It’s all about being bold with pattern combinations and attempting to coordinate the colors.

Jewel tones – This is a great new trend, as jewel tones can compliment so many skin tones. Plus this rich colors help to have a winter feel without the easy go-to but drab black and gray.

Floral – It will be huge this spring and summer, we’re already seeing it in store windows, but this fall it’s a floral explosion. When purchasing a floral sundress think ahead of how you could winterize that same dress with the addition of a cardigan or jacket.

Polka dots – This is all part of the mixing of bold patterns, but polka dots will be making a huge appearance on the scene, much as the stripe phenomenon did this past year.

60’s inspired – Perhaps this is the next phase in the MadMen trend, modernizing the look a little with some bold graphic prints that harkens back to the 1960’s retro vibe.

Fur – Save that cute faux fur jacket you grabbed this season when they hit the stores. The fur look will be back in full swing next fall. Now would be a good time to find the end of season sale on this item if you didn’t grab it at the peak of its popularity this winter.

What else are we seeing… hemlines are falling, creating skirts and dresses that practically dust the ground. Menswear is big for ladies again and the men will see an influx of cigar jacket and tuxedo inspired pieces.



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