Fashion’s return to the feminine

One of the surprising things I saw while attending Fashion Week events was the number of feminine fashions the ladies were wearing. Perhaps it is a product of the popularity of the TV series MadMen and the 50’s inspired clothing line now at Banana Republic – but whatever the reason I am loving the trend. 
To me, fashion bloggers are a big indicator of where the fashion world is heading. They influence their readers, and therefore the public, creating trends with their shopping choices and outfit photos.  madmen dresses At a bloggers conference I attended, so many of them wore the most impressive and adorable outfits. Mini skirts were few and far between; as were leggings as pants. Instead there were adorable outfits complete with dignified and feminine touches – necklaces, heels. 
Inspiration was everywhere. There were long skirts; ones that sweep the floor or hit mid-calf. Ladies wore fitted jackets and pearl necklaces. Oh, and there were, adorable dresses with hemlines hitting at the knee or longer. The colors are vibrant and flattering. 
I can’t wait to see how this feminine trend continues to manifest itself in the months ahead. It’s going to be exciting.


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