Fr. Jenkins on next campaign tour

In the Notre Dame president’s remarks introducing President Obama at
Sunday’s commencement, he gushed with praise for Obama’s

But look closely at his words…

He has set ambitious goals across a sweeping agenda —
extending health care coverage to millions who don’t have it, improving
education especially for those who most need it, promoting renewable
energy for the sake of our economy, our security, and our climate.

Hold on….those are ambitious goals. But not yet accomplishments. Health care policy is still in the planning, as is education policy, as is energy policy.

He has declared the goal of a world without nuclear weapons and has begun arms reduction talks with the Russians.

Okay. Not to take anything away from the president’s ambitions and
intentions…..the goal of a world without nuclear weapons is just about
everybody’s (at least, people of goodwill).

He has pledged to accelerate America’s fight against
poverty, to reform immigration to make it more humane, and to advance
America’s merciful work in fighting disease in the poorest places on

Noble goals all. And all forward looking, making them promises and
aspirations. Still in the good idea phase but not yet in action or

As commander-in-chief and as chief executive, he
embraces with confidence both the burdens of leadership and the hopes
of his country.

As does every president when he is sworn into office.

This sounded a lot like a campaign rally as Jenkins warmed up for Obama.

It’s clearer why Arizona State University decided to withhold any
honorary degree when Obama spoke there until the president builds a
body of accomplishments in office worth honoring.


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