Google+ launches amid hype and comparisons

I’ve yet to get an invitation to Google+ but I am anxiously awaiting its arrival. Google+ is the latest social media attempt by Google, with hopes that it will reign in Facebook’s monopoly on social networking. Google, despite its prowess in the search engine field, has struck out in its social media attempts. Remember Buzz? No? Well it didn’t last long and it didn’t live up to the hype. But Google+, at least thus far, is faring much better with critics and users alike.


At this point it is only available to a select number of users. You can request an invitation but at this point it might take weeks for you to see it arrive in your inbox – that’s how strong the demand has been to try Google+. Currently the invite system has been shutdown thanks to the ‘insane demand’ it has received.


Stay tuned for a blow-by-blow of what makes Google+ different from Facebook and other social media sites. But as of now, I know one major difference between Google+ and Facebook is that relationships do not have to be reciprocated. You can follow someone who opts not to follow you back – like Twitter.

Of course, to compete, Facebook executives have said they will release something ‘awesome’ next week. Wonder what it will be. And I wonder if it will be as ‘awesome’ as they claim or rather fraught with controversy like the facial recognition feature is.

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