Great news from Washington about American families


It had to happen.

At long last, there is a group in the United States Congress devoted exclusively to the welfare of the American family.

On Tuesday, March 7, Representatives Mary Miller of Illinois, Diana Harshbarger of Tennessee, and Brian Babin of Texas officially launched the Congressional Family Caucus.

This is an extraordinary event of momentous importance that will have an impact for years to come. It must. The American family has been battered by a callous and intrusive runaway government collaborating with a corrupt woke corporate culture that values flesh-and-blood human beings solely for their economic utility.

While the Big Government-Big Business axis thrives, the average citizen and their families, the bedrock of America, are taking it on the chin. That must change. The historic March 7 announcement is a step in that direction.

The press release announcing formation of the Congressional Family Caucus speaks for itself. Here it is, exactly as released, bold font and all:


WASHINGTON - Today, Congresswoman Mary Miller (R-IL) will be joined by Reps. Diana Harshbarger (R-TN) and Brian Babin (R-TX) in launching the Congressional Family Caucus.

The Congressional Family Caucus will serve to defend the natural family from attempts by the radical left to erode this core foundation of our society. Reps. Miller, Harshbarger, and Babin will initiate legislation favorable to American families and discuss the effects major legislation will have on the family.

"For years, we have witnessed a concerted effort by activists on the Left to abolish the natural family," Miller said. "Today, I am launching the Congressional Family Caucus because I believe we have a moral obligation as servant representatives to protect and conserve the family. The natural family, a man and a woman committed for life to each other and to their children, is essential for a nation to prosper because the family is the root of self-government, service, community, and personal responsibility. I am honored to be joined by my co-chairs, Representatives Diana Harshbarger of Tennessee and Brian Babin of Texas, in our efforts to protect the family."

Congresswoman Miller spoke on the House Floor on the creation of the Congressional Family Caucus. You can view her here.

Co-Chairs Reps. Diana Harshbarger and Brian Babin released the following statements on the launch of the Congressional Family Caucus:

"As you look around and take inventory of the struggles in our nation, the vast majority can be traced back to the demise of the family unit," said Congresswoman Harshbarger. "Children can have no greater inheritance than the godly legacy left to them by their parents. I am proud to co-found the Congressional Family Caucus to promote policies that support and strengthen families."

“The natural family, ordained by God, is the foundation upon which our country was built,” said Congressman Babin. “The Congressional Family Caucus will promote policies that are God-driven and family-focused. Our goal is to conserve and protect American families and ensure they prosper for years to come.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Why do we need the Congressional Family Caucus? For generations the American family has been under all-out attack. Debased entertainment, a debilitating social welfare system, callous manipulation by the welfare-warfare state (including Big Tech), onerous taxation, and the mainstreaming of depravity and vulgarity are assault weapons in the anti-family arsenal. Is this intentional? Conspiracy? Doesn’t matter. The fact is that traditional family values have massive support but little representation in Washington where the laws are made. So there needs to be an organized effort within the corridors of power to remind politicians that there is more to serving their constituents than shilling for big business.

As a former Capitol Hill staffer and lobbyist, I’ve seen it up close and personal. The sad reality is that we don’t have a representative government of the people but rather a government of special interests. Time and again well-funded lobbies get what they want irrespective of election results.

In an earlier piece I stated:


The family has more of a stake in society than any racial, ethnic, business, professional or educational lobby. Families are the building blocks of society upon which the prosperity and well-being of all else depends. You can’t fool Mother Nature.

So there needs to be a family lobby, a coalition of cooperating public interest groups, NGOs and the like that don’t let up fighting for family-friendly legislation. In American politics the squeaky wheel gets the grease. All the gargantuan special interests have lobbies. Look at how well Big Tech, Big Pharma, the constellation of well-funded so-called “social justice” organizations and defense contractors make out.

Now, at long last, there is a Congressional Family Caucus in the House of Representatives. Let’s get something going in the US Senate as well.

I would indeed be remiss not to give thanks and a tip of the hat to the American Family Project for their diligent efforts to help bring this about. (Full disclosure: yours truly serves on the American Family Project Board of Directors.) Long hours pounding the pavement and forging connections to educate public officials about the grievous challenges facing American families have paid off. Again, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Thank you, Representatives Miller, Harshbarger, and Babin for your courage in stepping up with this bold initiative. Through the years I’ve seen a good number of idealistic, well-intentioned souls arrive in Congress only to be coopted by the system or become pathologically fixated on their public image to the point that they truckle – go along to get along – rather than do anything to incur the wrath of malevolent woke media types. It takes guts to stick up for the traditional American family these days.

The next time you hear that we must have compassion for vandalous rioters that destroy our public spaces, that immigration is great for the economy, that globalism is the wave of the future, that we must spend billions on faraway wars that have nothing to do with our national security, and that discredited government agencies are only trying to protect us, take stock and think of the family, the interests of which the ruling oligarchy has subordinated to greed.

The future of our civilization depends on the well-being of the family.


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