H8R – Are celebrities the same on screen and in person?

A new reality TV show has just hit the airwaves. H8R is meant to bring celebrities, many of them stars on reality TV shows, in close personal contact with regular people who hate them. The show is meant to be about judging a person before knowing them, but to me it’s a lot about living two lives.
As a rule I stay away from these ridiculous shows… but I got bored while running at the gym (it was one of those weeks) and tuned in to one of the first episodes. This particular gem, which is hosted by Mario Lopez, featured both Jersey Shore star Snooki and Bachelor Jake Pavelka. They each got a chance to spend several hours with some normal person who stated disliking the person. Snooki went to her hater’s house and cooked a meal for him and his family. Jake took his hater flying and then to the Bachelor mansion. As the show unfolds, you get the feeling the producers are trying really hard to make you see a new side of the celebrity. Snooki cooked for the whole family and talked about her love for her mother. Jake laid his heart on his sleeve and talked about not feeling loved by his father. I’m not a fan of either celebrity and after watching the show I was even more convinced of my feelings about them. I didn’t turn into a ‘lover’ as Snooki dubbed it. And why not? Jake was charming and cute as usual with his boy-next-door grin. Snooki appeared most normal than her show would ever lead you to believe. To me they were both fighting to prove what people had seen on TV was a lie. That no one knew the real Jake, the real Snooki.
That leaves one question… so if you are not the person you portray on your reality show then who the heck are you? Were the weeks and months of filming just an act you put on for the camera? And if so, why are you surprised America doesn’t like the TV-version of you? On the other hand, if in fact you are the person we see on TV then perhaps the judgments we make based on your actions and words are a pretty accurate portrayal of who you are.
The girl Jake tried to impress wasn’t up to any of his plotting ways, and as much as she was rude and annoying on the show – she hit the nail on the head when she told him: you’re not showing me the real Jake, you’re showing me the Jake I’ve already seen on TV, and that’s the Jake I know I don’t like. I’d have to agree with her assessment. After watching the show I was no more inclined to like Jake. In fact I was further impressed by his arrogant and entitled behavior.
I wonder why celebrities would go on a show like this and what they have to gain from the experience.


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