Happy Birthday YouTube

Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe how young some components of modern technology really are. YouTube, for example, is celebrating its fifth birthday. (Only five years? I feel like I've had it bookmarked for much longer than that.) The video-sharing website has helped launch a number of people to stardom status and has made world-famous videos about the most mundane things.

Take Susan Boyle, for example. Here in the USA we had never heard of Britain’s Got Talent, we have our own singing and dancing talent shows. But suddenly there is a buzz about this amazing singer and everyone turns to YouTube to see if she was worth all the hype. Her shocking performance has over 92 million views on one channel and another 41 million views on another!

Or we now get to enjoy hilarious baby videos like the baby who can give an evil look on command or the child who can't stop laughing and will make you laugh with him.

We have how-to videos on everything from makeup tutorials to dance moves.

Need to know how to use your new gadget or how it stacks up to the competition? There is a video (or a dozen) on that too.

YouTube's got it all.

 To celebrate its fifth birthday, YouTube has put together a number of videos on famous YouTubers and their experience using the site. You can see the videos on the Five Year channel .



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