Help her make the choice

Since the abortion movement prefers to be known as the choice
movement, all their efforts should be toward helping women make one,
with all the information and resources they need. Only then can they
really be making an informed choice.

But the abortion movement is against informed consent, and the
information and resources that really help women are coming from the
other side. Pregnancy help centers are proliferating.

The Arkansas state legislature on Wednesday issued a
citation recognizing the work of pregnancy centers in the state that
help women find alternatives to abortion. The centers provide medical,
material, educational, and other support and assistance during and
after their pregnancies.

They’re doing this across the nation, and though many (most?)
Americans are unaware of their presence and their work, it’s spreading.
This attention helps the cause of helping women.

Melinda Delahoyde, the president of Care Net, a network
of more than 1,100 pregnancy centers across the country, thanked the
legislature for recognizing the centers’ enduring service to women
facing unplanned pregnancies…”We’re grateful for Senator Gilbert and
others who have taken time to bestow a state ‘citation’ in order to
honor the approximately 42 pregnancy centers in Arkansas that offer
free, confidential, and compassionate help to women,” she continued.

I remember this engaging conversation with a ‘pro-choice’
professional woman who actively works for disadvantaged women and
children in several major cities. When I talked about the work
crisis pregnancy centers are doing (also known as pregnancy help
centers), and the resources they provide, I was surprised to see her
utter amazement over those terms. She  wanted to hear more, and
wondered where are these centers? I told her you can usually find one within close proximity to an abortion clinic.

After all, women and men are out there struggling over this choice.

Pregnancy centers exist to offer information, practical
help and emotional support to women and men facing unplanned
pregnancies to empower them to carry their pregnancy to term, Delahoyde

According to Care Net pregnancy center statistics, nine out of ten
pregnant women who visit and receive help from a pregnancy center
choose to carry to term.

Pregnancy centers offer a wide variety of free services, including
parenting and childbirth classes, adoption information, abstinence
education, community referrals for health care, limited ultrasound,
STD/STI information, and after abortion recovery programs.

Here are places to learn more.


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