High priest of atheism Richard Dawkins gets his trans comeuppance

To tell the truth, I feel a bit sorry for Richard Dawkins. The former Oxford professor of atheism, (or was it biology?) spent most of his professional career promoting atheism. He denied a Creator, he lampooned the Pope, he invented memes, which are fairies at the bottom of the garden explaining culture, he championed rationality.

But the bubble of the New Atheism, of which he was the poster boy, along with the late Christopher Hitchens, has burst. Who is talking about the victory of rationality nowadays?

Instead, in this melancholy meditation on wokeness, “Are We Free to Say No to the Falsehoods of Trans Ideology?”, Dawkins confesses that rationality is under siege. Trans activists are distorting reality and teaching young children that genetics is not real. Everything he says is true. But does he ever ask himself why the generation that he taught at Oxford and in his best-selling books have literally taken leave of their senses and become converts to wokeness? Nope.

It's not because they were insufficiently instructed in the whys and wherefores of a Godless universe. It’s the inevitable consequence of a living in a world without a Creator who imbued the natural order with rationality. As Chesterton said, when people stop believing in God, they don’t believe in nothing, they believe in anything.

Poor old Dawkins looks plaintive and disconsolate in this video. Serves him right. • Michael Cook 


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  • Rob McKilliam
    commented 2023-12-07 19:09:02 +1100
    The big question is this:
    Who or what is your ultimate authority?
    You only have two possible answers to the question:
    1. God – an unknown, mysterious intelligence behind the ordered combination of spiritual stuff and material stuff to create life 
. . . including you.
    2. You.
    If you don’t understand the question, the default answer is ’You’.

    The Bible suggests humans are like sheep and God is like a shepherd looking after the sheep, leading them to fresh pastures.
    It is a good analogy. Most sheep are fearful and skittish, not knowing where to go, staying with the crowd because of safety in numbers. If we follow God we will be safe.
    If our leaders around us are also following God we will be safe following the leaders. But our leaders are human. They can get carried away by their own importance. They can be seduced by false gods like money and power, they can start believing that they are the authority and use threats to keep us following them.
    As soon as we realise this is happening we have to face our fears, break away from the crowd and go back to following God.
  • Joan Seymour
    commented 2023-12-05 23:22:42 +1100
    Michael, you’ve read my mind. But you expressed my thought so much better. Serve him right, indeed!