How is this refreshing?

The Pepsi cola company re-designed their logo to resemble (almost
identically) the Obama logo seen throughout the world for the past two
years. Even late night comedians were having fun with that.

As Obama wrapped up his campaign and prepared to take office, Pepsi
rolled out a new campaign of its own: “Refresh Everything” and they
explain on their website “It’s the guiding spirit behind everything
Pepsi does.” In one of the flashing windows on the page, Pepsi invites
people to “change our world into a fresher, funner, more optimistic,
much better place.”

They have their own particular view of what that would look like.

The nice thing about choice is that there are so many products that
do refresh, and by supporting companies that support values you believe
in, well…..helps change our world into a much better place.


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