'How should we talk about abortion?'

That was the subject of discussion on an hour of radio dedicated to changing the terms of debate between people who are pro-life and those who are pro-choice. Or even starting one….since both groups have been largely talking to themselves for decades.

For pro-life media people to even concede to use the term ‘pro-choice’….and hopefully vice-versa….is a start. Style books have been changed over the years to write off the terminology of the ‘other’ as to render it invalid as a thought.

I had the benefit of hosting two guests on radio Monday who brought the freshest thinking to the table of discussion about how to uphold human dignity that I’ve heard in a while. Eric Scheidler said he had a passion for fostering “the right spirit of patient listening and peaceful dialogue” to advance the cause of respecting life. Dr. Christopher Kaczor devoted his latest book to that dialogue, and its foundation.

‘The Ethics of Abortion’ provokes.

What reproductive rights do women have? Who decides? Is abortion the intentional killing of an innocent human person? Is abortion just the termination of a mass of cells with no more significance than a guppy? Does affirmation of female equality lead to abortion rights? does personhood begin after birth? Does personhood begin with birth? Does personhood begin with conception? Is abortion permissible even if the fetus is a person?

And that’s just from page 2 of the Introduction. From page 5:

One could be 100 percent committed to a strong pro-choice view, and not judge as evil those who work to oppose abortion. Similarly, one could be 100 percent committed to a strong pro-life view, and not judge as evil those tho have had abortions. Whatever one’s view of abortion itself, refraining from making judgments about the character of those touched by abortion (in whatever way) is helpful in treating the topic properly, and more importantly…that it is an essential part of being a decent human being.

Good place to start. Next up, the language to use in this discussion…


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