How well do we know this man?

America may be about to elect him president, but Barack Obama’s
ascendancy left out the traditional rigors of climbing the political
ranks and taking the usual brunt of scrutiny.

Now, we’re a few weeks away. And now, people are asking questions.

Speaking to a group of young Catholics in New York
almost one month before Election Day, I had a harsh awakening as
jarring as a shot of Wild Turkey 101. Weeks before going to the polling
booth, Americans do not know Barack Obama.

In a packed bar, I was discussing the contentious question of
whether a Catholic can support Obama for president. I highlighted the
priority that defending innocent human lives takes in these
considerations, according to the Church. I then went through Obama’s
radical record on abortion. The jolt came after I finished speaking,
when one by one, people told me they had no idea Obama was so radical.

They were shocked. And so was I.

We shouldn’t be, considering how sanitized his coverage has been all along.

So here are some facts:

Barack Obama has told the Planned Parenthood Action Fund
that the first thing he will sign as president will be the Freedom of
Choice Act, which will sweep away limits on abortion — state and
federal — including restrictions on government funding of abortion and
laws protecting anti-abortion health care providers.

Barack Obama has condemned the Supreme Court’s Gonzales v. Carhart
ruling, which affirmed the federal partial-birth abortion ban.

Barack Obama supports federal funding of abortion.

Barack Obama opposes the Hyde Amendment, which restricts use of taxpayer dollars for supporting abortion.

Barack Obama called pregnancy “punishment.”

Barack Obama believes that the right to have an abortion is a matter of equal rights for women.

Barack Obama wants to stop federal funding to crisis-pregnancy centers.

Barack Obama does not support the Pregnant Women Support Act, a
project of Democrats for Life, meant to reduce abortions by
strengthening the social safety net. This is important because it
exposes as a lie a major talking point employed by those who argue that
pro-lifers can support Obama.

So there you have it. Facts you may have just seen for the first time. 


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