I'm voting to ignore Gaga

I am so sick of Lady Gaga. I find her every time I turn on the radio, scroll through Google News, open the Yahoo homepage, read through my Facebook newsfeed or skim the tweets of those I follow on Twitter. I don’t want to read about her latest antics. I don’t want to watch her new music video, with obvious religious elements, called ‘Judas.’

Despite my best efforts to ignore her existence she follows me; stalks me. It becomes more difficult every day to not click on the Lady Gaga articles that beg to be read, the video clips that practically scream at me for attention.

I’m holding fast to my decision to not feed the insanity. One click, just one, on anything Lady Gaga related sends the message to that news agency or website that I want more of the same. And I don’t. I really don’t want to see anymore about her.


I’m talked before on Tiger Print about how every click we make on the internet, every status we type into Facebook or tweet we send is sending a message about what we believe to be important. So sometimes, even though it might be good for us to know what is going on in the culture around us, it is enough to read the headline that pops up and ignore the rest.

One click on Gaga is one more vote for her to continue doing what she does best. I’ll save my votes for something that is actually worthwhile and culturally significant. What do you do with your votes?



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