Important decisions are now being made

…or soon will be made.

These decisions will either uphold or undermine what is
just and good. There is no avoiding the issues or evading the
decisions. Both sides in the great moral struggle understand this.
Forces favoring abortion, embryo-destructive research, assisted
suicide, the redefinition of marriage, and the like see this as a
critical moment for advancing their causes. The Obama administration is
explicitly with them on some issues and is at least broadly sympathetic
on others. Moreover, in thEthical issues ine aftermath of the 2006 and 2008 elections,
their causes have unprecedented strength in both houses of Congress as
well as in many state legislatures. Obviously, they also have great
support in the mainstream media and the elite sector of the culture
more generally.

Therefore, the time has come to take a definitive public stand, Princeton Professor Robert George told NRO in explaining The Manhattan Declaration.

For too long, the historic traditions of Catholicism,
Evangelical Protestantism, and Eastern Orthodoxy have failed to speak
formally with a united voice, despite their deep agreement on
fundamental questions of morality, justice, and the common good. The
Manhattan Declaration provided leaders of these traditions with an
opportunity to rectify that. It is gratifying that they were willing —
indeed eager — to seize that opportunity.

This is a movement. The first since the great American civil rights
movement to take such a pro-active and definitive stand on absolute
moral authority. At the risk of civil disobedience in the face of
coercion to accept immoral imperatives.

We believe in law and the rule of law. We recognize an
obligation to comply with laws, whether we like them or not. That
obligation is defeasible, however. Gravely unjust laws, and especially
laws that seek to compel people to do things that are unjust, do not
bind in conscience. Certainly, one must never perform a gravely unjust
act, even when “following orders” or compelled by law. Christians
believe — and they are far from alone in this — that one must be
prepared to pay a price, sometimes a very high price indeed, for
refusing to do what one’s conscience tells one is wrong.

So, if this comes to the clash of civil disobedience in the face of gravely unjust laws…..will the major media then pay attention to the movement set in motion by The Manhattan Declaration? Because they’re ignoring it at the moment.


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