In terms of radical health care proposals

Increasing health care spending, advancing technology and an aging
demographic (all at the same time) present an ‘unstainable trend’.

Can committed Christians provide an answer the two-party politicians are missing? Dr. Donald Condit says yes.

The poor and vulnerable can expect increasing difficulty
accessing medical care without significant change in our health-care
system. Well-intentioned leaders often advocate for ‘comprehensive’ or
‘universal’ reform with more government involvement in health care. Yet
this same government has a record found wanting in the defense of
vulnerable human life. Over fifty percent of medical spending is
already government funded.

Market-oriented improvements that respect principles of social
justice would contribute to a more ethical allocation of medical
resources. These would better serve the common good, rather than the
more ostensibly attractive proposals which propagate third-party
responsibility for health care.

Now how to go about that. Former HHS Secretary nominee Tom Daschle warns “Details kill”. Yeah, no kidding.


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